Day 25 Examples of Fashion Photography That Interest Me Photo 1




  • Photographer: Alessio Bolzoni
  • Date taken (approx):
  • Location: On a street
  • What do you like about this photo?

I like this photo because of the rule of thirds usage as the photographer has set the subject to the right of the image and by leaving space between the subject and the left side of the image. It makes you wonder what the subject is looking at that is in the distance. I also like the use of the fog coming from the ground which builds in amount of fog starting with not a lot in the left to a lot covering the subject in the right of the image so shows the smoke is growing.

  • What could you learn from this photograph/photographer? How could you use it in your own work?

From this photographer I learned that use of fog could be good as it adds a really cool effect to the image.  I could use this in my pictures by using the rule of thirds in portraits and using fog to make the images look cool.


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