Day 25 Examples of Fashion Photography That Interest Me Photo 3



  • Photographer: Estevez & Beloso
  • Date taken (approx): unknown
  • Location: in a room/ studio
  • What do you like about this photo?

I like the use of natural light coming in through the window to illuminate the subjects face and then making the back of the person darkened to give a cool silhouette effect. I like how the photographer has used the rule of thirds very well as it makes the viewer wonder what she is looking at out of the window. It is a very social realism photo because of the fact it looks un posed just looking outside having a cigarette.

  • What could you learn from this photograph/photographer? How could you use it in your own work?

From this I learned to use natural light as well as staged light and try to include silhouettes in the photos for different feels as well. And use social realism unposed photos to make it look better because unposed.


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