Day 25 Examples of Fashion Photography That Interest Me Photo 2



  • Photographer: Aline & Jacqueline Tappia
  • Date taken (approx): unknown
  • Location: Studio
  • What do you like about this photo?

I like the surreal feel to this image as the head has been turned into a skull with a fake brain showing. The hard part to work out is if it is face paint a mask or a tattoo on his head. I like it because of the lighting as well because the face is fully illuminated as Is the shirt. I like the shadow on the neck line and the use of making the background dark black makes the white shirt and face stand out because of the colour contrast.

  • What could you learn from this photograph/photographer? How could you use it in your own work?

From this I can learn to experiment with different people and obviously it will be hard to find people with tattoos like this so I may have to use a mask or face paint to add surreal effects to it.


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