Day 26 Family



  • Date taken: 18/02/2013
  • Location: my house
  • Settings: Shutter Speed 1 second | Aperture f/5 | ISO 100
  • What do you like about this photo? How well does it work?

I like the natural effect in this photo because we started taking posed ones and then just went for random poses and they came out better. I actually like the bit of motion blur from the few people in the background and I like the randomness of the poses throughout the image. I like the colour of this image even though it looks a little orangey I still think it looks really good. I didn’t like the posed photos as they looked too posed and not everyone had right smile so I thought random poses would work better.

  • What did you learn from this experiment? If you had to take this photo again what would you do differently?

From this experiment I learned that not all posed images are that good random poses are better and capture the natural feel of the image and the people in it as it shows the family feel about each other. If I was to do it again I would do it outside so I don’t have to use slow shutters that will blur people too much.



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