Day 28 A Line From Your Favourite Song

_DSC0008 - Version 2


  • Date taken: 20/02/2013
  • Location: My House
  • Settings: Shutter Speed 1/80 | Aperture f2.8| ISO 100
  • What do you like about this photo? How well does it work?

For today the subject was a line from your favourite song which in my case is Kings and Queens by 30 Seconds to Mars and my chosen line was “we were the kings and queens of promise” and to photograph this is decided to cut the letters and words out of newspapers to make the line and it makes it look like a ransom note. I like the fact the low angle of the shot as it gives a unique perspective to the image. I also like the depth of field in the image as it has slight blur on the first and last row of letters which makes the words “Kings and Queens” stand out and because that’s the title of the song it sort of emphasises that and the fact the song title is highlighted. I like the contrast in this image as it is a very high contrast image and looks really good.

  • What did you learn from this experiment? If you had to take this photo again what would you do differently?

I learned that there is many ways to show lyrics of a song I thought making a good song look like a bad thing as a randsom note is a good contrast of the image.

If I was to do again I might have a few different designs for the lyrics and do different lyrics as well.


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