Day 29 Refine an Idea 2

_DSC0037 Original



  • What didn’t you like about the original photo?

In the original photo I didn’t like it because it didn’t really show the one point perspective in the shot that it should have. Is lines weren’t brilliant they didn’t lead to anything and they weren’t really there that much only a few lines and they had gaps in between them rather than being a full line.

  • Why is your new photo better?

The new photo is better because it actually has lines that lead down the image to a vanishing point. I also like the texture in the image as you have the texture of the leaves and tomatoes.

The only thing that could have gone better is if I didn’t have the flash because it was slightly dark so needed the flash to make it lighter without having a slow shutter speed to reduce motion blur. But the flash adds a weird look to it but it is alright.


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