Day 31 Six Favourite Photos

DSC_0166 copy DSC_0050 _DSC0015 DSC_0024 copy DSC_0024 DSC_0063 - Version 2


I had to chose 6 photos rather than 5 cause I like all of them.


  • What have you learnt during this assignment?

During this assignment I have learnt a lot for example I have learnt to plan my photo ideas on the day I take them rather than have them planned from a few days before. This was sort of a new skill I have adapted to as normally I would plan a few days before so I was ready but this way I had better idea generation on the day I needed to take the photos. Because of this I feel I got better photos.

  • How has it improved your photography?

I feel it has improved my photography as it has helped with my idea generation. The research has helped me find out more techniques to use in my photography. For instance I now know a lot more about the rule of thirds and composition. Also I have learned how to use depth of field effectively in macro shots and portrait shots. Which will help me in the future and not so distant future when I do my dads wedding photos. These techniques will help make them look better.

  • Your organisational skills?

My organisational skills have increased, as I am now able to think of ideas on the day and not need to plan a lot. But sometimes I need to plan ahead for instance for the wedding this weekend.

  • Your productivity?

I believe my productivity has increased as I am not wasting shots by taking a lot of photos of the same thing I am taking one or two photos of each thing rather than like 10 shots of each thing.

  • How can you apply what you’ve learnt to future projects?

I can apply what I have learned to future projects by using some of the ideas in other projects like rule of thirds and depth of field to make powerful images. I could also use the ideas of thirty days in general to continue to help improve my photography on a daily.


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